About Professor Amir - "Best Spiritual Healer & Herbalist"

I am a gifted spiritual and energy healer or worker, and herbalist possessing mystical and divine powers passed on to me by my forefathers for the good of mankind - (depending on how each person sees my service).

I offer in-depth spiritual healing and medical and clinical Western and African herbal consultations in person or via phone. Lifelong devotion to the Spirits, and Nature and Herbal Medicine, extensive training along with over 15 years of professional practice has made me an expert in diagnosing patterns of imbalance according to a human overall well-being paradigm.

I am able to communicate with the spiritual world, including bringing back a patient's beloved dead spirits for life journey guidance and to enable you change the course of your destiny, including having the power to cast different spells regarding relationships, financial situations, future events, or whatever is important to you.

(Traditional) medical and clinical Western and African herbalism completes my call, being the back-borne of curing all kinds of diseases and illness that plague us all in one way or another and where scientific medicine has failed, and not forgetting that our forefathers before today used traditional medicine to cure themselves of all ills including cleansing, a reason most scientist have come to start researching as to why they could live for over 100 years.

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By appointment, Professor Tony can perform any ritual at any place arranged for your personal convenience.

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Church Square Drive 
Overland Park, KS 89108
Phone: 072 769 4890
Email: professoramir2013@gmail.com