Spiritual Center

Please take note: Spiritual Healing is complementary and multi-faith to orthodox medicine and must not be confused with religion and is highly practiced across the world by most gifted practitioners by combing spiritual energies around them through focus and connection to the ancestral world to heal.

Combining the powers of ancestral touch and energy therapy to communicate to the underworld, this deeply nurturing treatment brings you into a complete state of oneness. Often releasing trapped emotions, energies in you and experiences to bring forth a new life and well-being in that that you seek.

Professor Tony's Spiritual Center opens doors to among other services:

  • Communicating with Ancestors ( Ancestral Communication)  including researching your Ancestral Path
  • Spiritual Healing and Home Cleansing, including removing thokoloshe from homes, and protection of homes with voodoo spells
  • Powerful Psychic and Natural Spells: This may work for some people and my not work for others depending on things like nature of the problem.
  • Black Magic and Lucky Charms
  • All Life Protection and Interventions
  • Help in Life's Decision Making
  • Fear and Reverence
  • Financial Problems: Are you having financial problems and you do not know where to turn to?  Are you finding it hard to make ends meet? Professor Tony offers a wide range of services and spells to help you with your situation. Call Today to discuss options available.
  • Love Relationship Problems: (Have you lost a lover and you want your ex back?, Are you looking for true love, but you do not know where to start?, Do you want to stop a divorce from happening?, Is your partner cheating on you and you want to put an end to it?)


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